Our daughter, living even smaller.

It’s ten o’clock at night and it is dark. My husband and I squeeze between a stroller and a crib to forge a path to our bed. Quietly. With minimal tripping over blocks and/or baby gates, so as not to wake the young one snoozing away to our left. 

This moment describes our life and the lives of many big city dwelling families of our generation. We live in one bedroom, junior one bedroom, no bedroom apartments. Small, tiny and tinier spaces with postage stamp floor plans. There is no nursery to Pinterest paint and decorate, and no spare square foot to fill with jumbo-sized baby pacifying products.

We would like to live in a bigger place. Of course. The space to have the baby sleep in her own room. Or to have people over for dinner. Or to put one of the giant swings that babies zonk out in during the long newborn days and nights.

But for a multitude of reasons we make living small work. And with that, this blog aims to document just how everyday young families live in small urban spaces.